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A5 Maxi tincase

Whether as delivery box or as storage box – the A5 Maxi tincase lives up to its promises with a filling level of 25 mm. 
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  • packaging unit:40 pieces
  • size:220x160x28mm
  • availability: available
  • finishing options:download
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Product labeling:

Product labeling

You have the option to place your desired motif on our tin boxes in a form of a label.

From now on we paste with our new label machine round and square tin boxes as a cost-efficient alternative to print! With pleasure we provide you with our know-how for your products as a wage-based service. We can already offer it to you from 100 pcs!

The sticker is 4-colors printed glossy on white PP plastic film and its size is for our clients freely selectable up to 150x140 (h)mm. All labels have slightly rounded corners and are already assembled on the tin box.

Pad printing:

Pad printing

Pad prinitng is an established finishing procedure for printing on tin cases because it is ideal for typographical implementation of graphic designs.

A flexible pad is used for this type of printing. Small uneven areas and pores are no problem for the high elasticity of the rubber used. We can achieve a particularly high resolution with this method in contrast to other printing methods. Another advantage of pad printing is its high resistance to wear.

We print on tins from other vendors and manufacturers. Benefit from our experience in the printing of tin cases.

Digital printing:

Digital printing
Digital printing is a modern and contemporary processing procedure for the tin case line of the Dosenspezialist GmbH. Comparable to the technology of ink-jet printing it is possible to print most various materials in high quality. Especially interesting for designs with complex, rasterized resp. high-resolution photographic images. With our new digital printing machine, we can now print the colour white. This makes it possible to produce photo-realistic pictures even on metal in small production runs.

To enable colour fastness and brilliance of the print designs on the silver-mat surfaces of the tin cases an opaque white is printed under the subsequently applied colours.  A big advantage of the digital printing is the immediate hardening and ideal drying of the colour layer still during the running printing process by controlled UV-light exposure. Thereby, it is possible to assemble and carefully pack the tin cases directly after printing.



Metal embossing is an especially elegant kind of processing for the tin cases offered by the Dosenspezialist GmbH. Compared to the other processing procedures mainly based upon printing on the metal surface, the embossment uses the ductile features of the tin plate cases itself. Light effect and haptics of such an application guarantee an especially aesthetical impression of embssing on our tin plate cases.
For each embossment two-piece embossed stamps are manufactured in order to get a "positive" and a "negative" of the forming die. Depending on the order volume resp. a long-term planning of further applications these dies can also exist of hardened resp. unhardened metal for embossing.This method allows an easy realization of convex resp. concave embossments according to the arrangement of the metal stamps.
Note: We also offer embossing on tins from other vendors and manufacturers incl. stamp production, at attractive prices!

Laser engraving:

Laser engraving Processings by laser engraving differ from classic printing processes as solely the colour-changing thermal properties of the tin plate are used here. Thus, laser engraving is an interesting alternative to usual printings and impresses by its outstanding aesthetics and material-specific authenticity. The precise engraving of the tin case elements is provided by means of a computer-operated laser beam. In doing so also the intensity of the laser is exactly controlled. The so-called tempering colours of the tin plate can be specifically achieved by the laser beam which enables differentiated graduations within the graphic design. The tin cases can be lasered with designs based on vector and raster graphics.Contrary to the printing of the tin cases for which you have to observe important criteria such as colour fastness, colour resistance and colour durability, the laser engraving offers the big advantage that exclusively the tin plate itself is used in this process, which ensures an excellent stability of the processings on the tin plate cases.

We also offer engraving on tin boxes from other manufacturers. Benefit from our experience in the laser engraving on tin cases.


Foam packaging:

Foam packaging

Foam material inserts provide the best protection for sensitive and high premium products and impress on a high esthetical level. Therefore they present their high quality items in an exclusive and professional setting. Foam material inserts can take a remarkable part in perfecting the representative character of your product packaging in a very stylish way. According to your individual desires the “Dosenspezialist GmbH” designs for you custom-fit inserts made of foam material that you can purchase from us – either manually attachable or previously attached to the can.

We are glad to assemble for you both the foam in your cans, as well as your finished product.
For questions, please feel free to contact us - we advise you with pleasure!

Finishing of additional articles:

Finishing of additional articles

Beside the refining of our tin boxes in the pad printing, screen printing, digital printing, laser engraving and embossing you have also the opportunity to refine additional products and to assemble them – all of the following options are provided by our company.

Take advantage of the positive synergies that arise in handling!

Assembling and shipping:

Assembling and shipping

After refining of the tin boxes your goods can be picked, packed and dispatched by us. We offer a comprehensive service to you for it.

Ask us, all working steps are transparent, discussed and developed with you. You decide on the extent of our services which you take up.



With our shrink machines we can pack your products at a reasonable price individually, protect certainly and prepare for the sales.




We offer the possibility with our shipping partner Dachser SE to store your goods at attractive conditions, just to ship in time. Thus production savings can be realized by consistently higher editions.

MOQ silver tin boxes:
40 pieces
MOQ tin boxes with finishing:
120 pieces, less only with additional fee
delivery time silver tin boxes:
approx. 5 days on availability
delivery time tin boxes with finishing:
approx. 3-4 weeks after approval
express production:
negotiable, with extra charges
blacha stalowa,
lakier odpowiedzni do kontaktu z żywnością
silver matt
carton size/carton weight/palette
47 x 29 x 35cm / 8.35Kg / 18 cartons
weight per tin box:
shipping options:
parcel by DHL, paletts by forwarding company, worldwide delivery, pickup possible
Full-face offset prints, extra viewing windows, adaptions for height and hinges or other specific technical changes of the tin can be realized according a special production, normally from 2000 pieces minimum quantity. Please keep in mind making individuell offers and arrangements for delivery.
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It's possible to order up to five samples of this tin. It is about a neutral-sample. We also provide a sample case with possibilities of our finishing on it.

• Order samples without finishing

X A5 Maxi order as a sample
yes, I also order a free sample with finishing examples. Reference

• Order a visualization sample

visualization-image/pdf of A5 Maxi

• Order full finished sample A5 Maxi

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Order your own completely finished tin box of the A5 Maxi with your own finishing.


After the ordering process, you can send us the necassary files for the finishing via our upload center.

You have questions? Please ask the tin box specialists! phone: +49 (0) 3621 733 800| email: info@doseplus.com

informations for calculation of the costs

* The advertised unit price declaration refers to an order from 1.000 pieces minimum. All advertised prices for our metal packages are calculated in addition to legitimate goods and service tax and in addition to delivery costs thereby incurred. We don’t provide straight delivery to private customers.** Please see the assembling of eventual extra charges for the refinement in our FAQ. Please be aware that the minimal order quantity for refinements is 100 pieces.